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    Red Devil Self Seal Patches (8) - Carded

    by Steven Green

    If like me you are of a certain age you will remember puncture outfits were HUGE, the tube was the size of a family tube of Toothpaste, a sheet of sand paper that always took the skin off your knuckles, and as for the patch ... 10x8 inch square of black rubber which you cut to size with kitchen scissors.

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    TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon® Surface Protector (100ml)

    by Bob Embleton

    I was chuffed to receive the bottle of TF2 all weather performance lubricant. The first thing I noticed was that it came in a clear plastic bottle which was great so I could see exactly how much oil was in the bottle. A lot of bottles are in a thick plastic so you can’t tell how much oil you’re getting for your money and there’s a decent nozzle and cap too so no searching for a sharp knife!

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    Why are there so many different types of puncture repair kits?

    Inner tube widths and pressures vary. On high pressure inner tubes the narrow profile repair kit would be more appropriate than an 'Airtite' kit, for example. Also, some of the kits have tools included and become more or less complete roadside repair kits.

    When should you use a torque wrench?

    You need to use a torque wrench when you tighten most bolts & nuts in your bike. The relevant torque settings should be available from your bike manufacturer.

    What are the advantages of nylon tyre levers over steel?

    Cyclo nylon tyre levers have glass fibre in them so they are very strong. They are lighter than steel and don't damage the wheel rims even if they are alloy.

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    Dr Sludge Sealant
    Dr Sludge Sealant
    Dirtwash CDI Citrus 
Degreaser Spray
    Dirtwash CDI Citrus Degreaser Spray
    TF2 Lubricant with 
Teflon® Protection
    TF2 Lubricant with Teflon® Protection
    Red Devil Complete 
Puncture Repair Kit
    Red Devil Complete Puncture Repair Kit